5 Health Benefits of a Sauna

I’m back to hourly work outs today which means there is a period of sore muscles in the near future. One of my favorite ways to relax and help ease those aches and pains is to take a little break in the sauna.

Check out some additional of the benefits of sweating it out:

  • Better workout recovery, goodbye post workout muscle soreness! Studies suggest that infrared saunas may penetrate the neuromuscular system for better muscle recovery.
  • Weight loss, water weight that is. A quick fix if you are looking to slim down for a special event but it shouldn’t be your go to for weight loss. Consider taking your time in the sauna as a way to build a better relationship with your body by meditating, reading a new self development book or planning our your eating for the week ahead. Also remember to stay hydrated during your time in (and after) the sauna.
  • A reduction in stress, just think- warmth, quiet, and your body sweating out the bad stuff. What isn’t relaxing about that? If you mediate the sauna is the perfect place to do so! There are many popular apps out there to help with guided mediation if you don’t know where to start, my current favorite is the Calm app.
  • Reduced signs of aging, the red light from infrared saunas stimulates collagen and elastin which firm and plump the skin. Sweating improves cell turnover as well to help improve skins overall appearance and can help aid in difficulties such as acne and eczema.
  • Improved circulation, having Raynaud’s Phenomena this is one of my main reasons for taking sauna breaks. The raised temperature in the sauna will cause your blood vessels to dilate in turn increasing your overall circulation.

Do you currently sauna? I’d love to hear your reasons for doing so and if you haven’t tried it yet, let me know how your first session goes!

Thanks for reading & until next time,

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