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Six Steps To Displaying Artwork | A CWC Guide

January 05 2024 – Chelsey Walker

Six Steps To Displaying Artwork | A CWC Guide - Chelsey Walker Creative, LLC
Six Steps To Displaying Artwork | A CWC Guide - Chelsey Walker Creative, LLC
The right artwork has the ability to transform a space, create cohesion, and add a sense of warmth and uniqueness to your home. We feel choosing and hanging artwork should be an easy and fun project and are here to take any intimidation out of the process. Consider the following tips the next time you're adding art your space. 
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  • Hang your artwork so the frame is 57"-60" above the floor. This creates the best viewing angle by placing the art at eye level and will create a cohesive feel throughout your space.
  • Choose artwork that will pull in colors from your décor for a cohesive feel. 

The green in this print helps tie in the green from the plants in this room. Shown Vibrant No. 6

  • Consider the lighting in your space and if it affects the colors of the artwork at all. Adding art lights to accent your piece is a great way to ensure your art is being shown in the best lighting. There are many battery powered art lights on the market now if you don't want to hardwire them in. 
  •  Choose the right size, artwork that is too small can get lost in a room when on a wall. Smaller pieces are best for gallery walls or shelf styling. 
  • Pick a statement piece (in a statement piece size- half to tree fourths the width of the wall or piece of furniture it's being hung over) for more impact. We suggest choosing a statement piece that you LOVE to give a great feeling every time you walk in the room. 

This print is sized to create impact in this sitting area. Shown Galveston Beach | No. 2


  •  Choose a frame that will compliment your décor. 


If you're looking for even more help, email us at for customized solutions to choosing art from our shop for your home or to start your commissioned piece. 

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