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Eight Habits to Encourage Creativity

January 24 2024 – Chelsey Walker

Eight Habits to Encourage Creativity - Chelsey Walker Creative, LLC
Eight Habits to Encourage Creativity - Chelsey Walker Creative, LLC

I've always been a creative, but that doesn't mean that creativity is a gift that is always available when I want it to be. Over the years, I've come to realize that my creativity flows better when I'm "in the zone" in other areas of my life, too. In this journal entry I've outlined 8 of my tried and true ways to encourage creativity. 

  • Get Quiet 

Have you ever though about the last time you were in complete silence? From background noise to constant phone notifications it can be hard these days. But, an amazing thing happens when you're in silence. You're mind becomes clear and it gives you space to invite new ideas in. Aim for at least 10 minutes of silence everyday and start to notice how much more organized, calm, and present you feel. 

  • Daily Movement

Habit stack your 10 minutes of quiet with daily movement. Personally, I do this by meditating first thing in the morning followed by working out before anyone else in the house is awake. But, your movement could be something as simple as taking the dog for a walk around the block everyday. 

  • Brain Dump

The love I have for a list is strong (am I the only one with three planners going at once?). But, the brain dump method is one of my favorite tools, all it involves is taking a sheet of paper and dividing it down the middle, then into as many sections as you need to make a list for (business, home, family, etc,). I'll start each week with a new list and create another anytime I'm feeling overwhelmed with to dos. Being organized allows for the mental space and time to be creative.

  • Be Present & Notice

Being present in the moment you are in allows you to slow down and notice things that you may have otherwise been missed. For example, one of our most popular prints is of a mushroom I noticed while playing in the backyard with the kids. I'm always on the lookout for color combinations, textures and small details. 

  • Design Your Creative Space

You don't need an entire studio or room to be creative. My first business was ran entirely out of a renovated hall closet and sewing table that converted into a desk. Look for nooks, dead spaces or areas that can be repurposed in your space and dedicate it to your creative adventures. If space is really limited a rolling cart with your supplies that can be tucked away when not in use is a great option, too!

  • Find New Experiences

Travel, classes, and events are amazing ways to expand your horizons and see things in a new way. New experiences will also help get you out of your comfort zone and routines, both of which I've found to dampen my creativity. 

  • Don't Be Afraid To Try Something New. Failure Is Just Data. 

Being creative can mean different things to different people. For me it's a means of mediation and putting something beautiful into the world. For others is can be a way of self expression or communicating ideas.

Many times creatives get stuck thinking they have to stick to one form of creating. But, by trying something new you may gain a new hobby that brings joy or a new skill set that can help you in ways you haven't expected. For example, my daughter just started watercolor painting and wants me to do it, too. Watercolors really aren't my thing but we sat down and painted and I found it's a great way to try out new color palettes for future photography projects. 

Don't let a fear of failing stop you from trying something new. Failure is just data that will help you make choices in the future. 

  • Mindset

As soon as the words, "I have to..." enter your mind it's a sign that you're no longer enjoying the task in front of you. Try switching it to, "I get to..." and notice the change it makes.  


Looking for more ways to foster your creativity? From daily habits, to playlist and book recommendations, I'm diving deeper into the topic and sharing it all with you, along with offering (optional) daily prompts over seven days in February! Be sure to sign up for the Free Seven Day Creative Challenge here before the fun starts on Sunday, February 4th!

See you then,


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