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Introducing Fresh Cut Flowers

April 04 2024 – Chelsey Walker

Introducing Fresh Cut Flowers - Chelsey Walker Creative, LLC
Introducing Fresh Cut Flowers - Chelsey Walker Creative, LLC

There may (still) be snow on the ground here, but I've been itching to get out into our garden for a good two months now. Just over here daydreaming about acres of land and greenhouses, neither of which are in our near future. But, we did have a nice vegetable garden last year with plans to expand on it every year. This year, since I'm already photographing flowers, I decided to dedicate the addition to growing them as well. 

This addition of a variety of cut flowers will not only serve as a personal garden, but also bring our artistic process full circle. Allowing us to not only photograph the fleeting beauty of flowers, but to also cultivate, press, dry and make additional art out of the flowers we use in the studio, bringing a sustainable and diverse range of art later this year.

With all of these new flowers, I'm also expanding on my floral artistry. After our time prepping to take part in the Art In Bloom Fashion Show at the Milwaukee Art Museum in a few weeks, I've found that working with flowers outside of photographing them is something I truly love doing and I want to share that joy with others. This Summer we will be offering a limited amount of hand-cut market bouquets for local customers to enjoy on a weekly basis with a small number of full or half Summer subscriptions. Detailed information and subscription options can be found here:

Limited pre-orders are now open!

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