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Seven Tips For Choosing Art For Your Home

May 30 2023 – Chelsey Walker

Seven Tips For Choosing Art For Your Home - Chelsey Walker Creative
Seven Tips For Choosing Art For Your Home - Chelsey Walker Creative
Art tends to be one of the first things we think of when it comes to decorating our homes and has the ability to make (or break) an entire space. It can also be overwhelming to think about, so today we've rounded up our top seven tips for choosing art for your home. 
1. Mix It Up
Art comes in many forms, photographs, paintings, sculptures- choose a variety that appeals to you to add interest throughout your home. Sticking to only one kind of art can make your home feel too staged. 

2. Make It Personal
Choose art that is one of a kind and reflects your personality. Find textures, colors, and subjects that you love, or display the kids' art work. 

Original Sculpture By One Of Our Kids 

3. Think About Placement
Use the following guidelines to help decide how to hang your wall art:
  • Position your artwork so the center is 58-62 inches from the floor when it's the only item on the wall. 
  • Over sized pieces (36 inches or larger) can be hung 48-56 inches from the floor. 
  • Art above the bed or sofa? Go for an 8-10 inch space between the top of furniture and the bottom of the art work. 
4. Decide The Arts Purpose
Just like paint color, the art you choose can change the feeling of the entire room. Decide what purpose you want each piece to play and consider the following:
  • What feeling you do want the room to have when someone walks in?
  • Are there any colors, textures or themes in the room you want to highlight?
  • Should size be considered? Larger pieces tend to make a statement while smaller pieces can get lost in a large space. 

Original Print by Chelsey Walker

5.) Consider Blank Space
Consider leaving blank space along the walls to give your art the chance to shine. This will also make sure the room doesn't feel to busy or closed in. Grouping artwork in odd numbers close together (2-5 inches apart) - such as a gallery wall- will ensure it flows well and balances out the negative space around it. 
6.) Support An Artist
There are many talent artists out there- a quick Google or Etsy search will help you find something one-of-a-kind and support an artist instead of picking up the same art everyone else is getting at the chain stores. You could even go a step further and request commissioned work for a truly one-of-a-kind piece.
     Original painting by Meaghan Kawaller. We have two of her prints in our home, truly beautiful watercolor work.
7. Make Your Own
You don't have to have an art degree to make your own art. Why not learn a new skill or take a stab at creating your own piece?

How do you choose art for you home? We'd love to hear more, find us over on Instagram to let us know. 

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